Jewelry Care For Black Rings

Black rings are considered high maintenance jewelry.  These rings are made of black rhodium plating over metal.  The underlying metal can be alloy, copper or silver depending on the ring.  Black rhodium plating will wear off over time in corners or edges giving your ring a beautiful vintage look.  This will happen regardless you paid $80 for one of our rings or $2000 for a designer "black gold" ring.  This is the reason we offer our unique black rings with an affordable price.

To help your black ring look it's best you should follow these jewelry care instructions. 

  • Keep your ring dry at all times.
  • Remove your ring before washing, showering or swimming. 
  • Remove your ring before bedtime and exercising. 
  • If you need to clean your ring, use only water and a soft cloth to dry.
  • Do not use any jewelry cleaning solutions on your ring. 
  • Do not use anything abrasive.

We do not offer re-plating services. To re-plate a black rhodium ring means to strip the ring, polish the ring and re-plate which would be around the same cost to replace the ring entirely. We suggest buying a new ring.


Thank you.